Five Jobs Robots Have Their Sights On

New advances in technology are made every day, and one major one might have a huge impact on your workforce in the not-so-distant future. In February, Shelly Palmer, CEO at The Palmer Group published a fascinating piece on automation, highlighting the risk many U.S. jobs face of being swallowed up by robots.

It’s hard to imagine that computers could be programmed to complete many of the jobs held by your incredibly talented staffers, but it could happen. Find out which jobs Palmer predicts robots will take over first.

1.     Middle Management

The job function is certainly important, but admittedly many of the tasks performed by middle managers are a bit robotic. Spending days knee-deep in spreadsheets may soon be a thing of the past for humans.

2.     Commodity Salespeople

In the future, companies will still want to buy goods and services like ad space and office supplies, but don’t be surprised if the process is handled by a machine. It’s much more cost effective to put a robot on the job than paying a human to do it. Unless your sales process truly requires a human touch, Palmer predicts this job will eventually be removed from your roster.

3.     Writers and Announcers

Not all writers are in imminent danger of being replaced by robots, but those who specialize in report writing might want to expand their horizons, according to Palmer. Machines can understand and analyze data, so having them write reports on the information in front of them could be the next step. Additionally, the rapid development of text-to-speech systems means robots could essentially take the mic from human announcers.

4.     Accountants and Bookkeepers

The functions performed by accountants and bookkeepers are essential, but these data-heavy jobs don’t necessarily require a human touch. In fact, robots might be more effective in these roles, because their programming allows them to work faster and more efficiently than humans. This isn’t to say accountants and bookkeepers aren’t fantastic — they certainly are — but robots can make a good case for taking over.

5.     Doctors

It’s unlikely robots will ever completely replace humans as doctors, but they can fill an important void. Palmer noted that even if every person on Earth who aspired to be a doctor fulfilled their dream, there still wouldn’t be enough of them to effectively treat the constantly-growing population. As crazy as it sounds, robots are already doing great work in the medical field, and they’ll likely continue to expand their reach.

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