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What do candidates want?

Candidates want to know what the day to day is like, what the average pay is, what the company culture is, and a full explanation of your benefits!

How much should I pay?

Compensation should be competitive with other companies in your industry. ask us for a supply and demand analysis for a specific niche in a particular geographic location.

Why Video Interviews?

A growing trend in interviewing is the video interview. In these interviews, many aspects are similar to a standard one-on-one interview, but the entirety of your answers to questions are recorded and often done through one of the many online web platforms. With the ubiquity of video recording and playback devices, this option is quickly becoming one of the more popular options for interviews that are conducted in multiple stages. It allows the interviewing person or persons to further review candidates after an initial conversation, comparing multiple prospective interviewees side by side to determine which candidate or candidates they wish to proceed with further interviewing or hiring decisions.

What is a Passive Candidate?

CSS has many passive candidates that are vetted. We absolutely respect confidentiality – and many employers want someone who is currently working. If you’re like the majority of the workforce, then you’re always listening too opportunities – let us know that your passive and don’t want to be bugged. Sign up for our blogs, and create a job alert – go to our job listing, and specifically “Sign Up” for a niche or two!

What is an Active Candidate?

Companies and Job Seekers love this method of hiring! Many of our contract jobs or temporary associate positions are looking for someone to start as soon as possible without the commitment to direct hire. Many of these positions turn into contract to hire. You can be clear that you only want a temporary commitment or you only want a company that is committed to hiring after they try. There are never any guarantees but the intentions are different. Clear communication is the key to managing expectations to this type of work.

I am a Hiring Manager. How can I submit my job order?

Click HERE to submit your job order!

Job Seekers

How to properly present your resume?

  • Never lie when you are writing your resume, as this will cost you later. It’s critical to share accomplishments in your resume, not necessarily a job description. Your title implies the job description and during the interview you can elaborate. For example, adding tangible and concrete statistics or figures can be a great way to help illustrate your success. If you were responsible for revenue growth, improved average sale amounts or have any other specific – and relevant – measurable metric that you can highlight, include it on your resume. It’s also critical to show your promotions clearly – Keep in mind a two page resume is absolutely acceptable – we don’t recommend going over three!
  • Include an objective statement. Like your skills and experience, you should tailor this statement to the individual job you are applying for. The key is to be brief, but also specific, using actionable and engaging phrasing that succinctly highlights who you are, what you bring to the position, and why you would be a great hire.
  • Keep two to three versions of your resume that are customized for different types of jobs. Depending upon the type of job you are applying for and the skills and knowledge expected of employees in the industry, you can use different resumes to highlight your most pertinent traits and experiences.
  • There are several different formats that candidates can choose from when drafting their resume. Whichever format you choose, you should be consistent and use standardized fonts and text styles when drafting your resume. Recent graduates should always emphasize their degrees and grades, while more experienced candidates should give the details of their previous job roles and achievements. Google formatting options of resumes and you will find a wide variety of templates available to make a great impression the first time!
  • The resume should be easy to read, so avoid using complicated sentences and jargon. Make use of bullets and tables to make your resume easy to understand and process, and be sure to always use the correct words, phrasing and – of course – spelling. Phrases are acceptable – complete sentences are not encouraged! You can use industry terms – and often should – but avoid being too academic with your lingo. Use your resume to promote yourself and sell the case of why an employer should not only call you for an interview, but also hire you for the position.
  • Always provide strong, qualified references with your resume. References should be your boss at each company, not a peer!
  • Highlight all your professional interests and passions in your resume. Including this information can help the person reviewing your resume to get a better understanding of your personality and character, in turn allowing them to create a more robust first impression of who you are as a candidate and what projects you might be best suited for as an employee.

What is the difference between passive and active job seekers?

  • A passive job seeker is a person who is not necessarily looking for a new opportunity, but is open to the idea of one.
  • An active job seeker is a person who is looking for a new opportunity as soon as possible.

What is the difference between contract, contract to hire, and direct hire?

  • Contract = An employee who is placed at a job for a limited amount of time with a set end date.
  • Contract to Hire = An employee who is placed at a job for a limited amount of time and will possibly be hired permanently depending on performance.
  • Direct Hire = An employee who will be hired without an end date.

How do I sign up to receive search advice tips?

To receive search advice tips CLICK HERE and fill out the online form.

Why is Culture Important?

Culture is usually driven by companies who are looking to ensure that there is respect, fun, team oriented environments, that surround people with challenges that need coaching in order to accomplish their goals. Not all cultures are the same and not all individuals find a good cultural match in all careers. Search for a cultural match for the long term.

How much does CSS charge a job seeker?

Nothing. CSS partners with clients who pay a percentage to connect job seekers to their dream job. The application, search help, and placement of a candidate is free of charge for the candidate.

How do I get a job with CSS?

CSS always has the best intentions for the job seeker. Our recruiters are always looking for opportunities that match your skill-set. To apply:

  • Visit our job board HERE
  • Submit your resume HERE
  • Or call 1-888-2-MY-jOBS

Where does CSS place candidates?

Nationally. CSS places candidates looking for their next opportunity all throughout the U.S. If you are looking for an opportunity visit our job board HERE, or give us a call at 1-888-2-MY-JOBS.

What should I do after applying?

Congratulations and thank you for applying for a position through CSS. After applying please feel free to check out our Blogs under the Resources tab, for helpful tips on your job search. Make sure to follow us on our social media sites for the latest updates as well.

A recruiter will be in touch with you if your skill set matches the position you applied for. In the meantime continue to check our job board, fresh jobs are posted every day!

Do you offer internships?

CSS is proud to offer internships to full time students both internally and for placements.

I just accepted my job offer through CSS, now what?

Congratulations! A recruiting coordinator will email you with important information shortly. Please make sure to read this information carefully.

Timecard FAQs

I have worked with CSS in the past, do I have to sign up for Direct Deposit again?

If it has been more than two months since your last assignment, you must sign up for direct deposit again by filling out THIS form and faxing or emailing to your CSS office.

I am a Hiring Manager working with CSS, how do I approve my employees hours?

To approve hours, go to our timecard page, found at the top of the navigation bar. And follow THESE step by step directions.

How do I insert hours worked?

To insert your weekly hours worked, simply go to our “Time Card” tab in the navigation bar and log into your online account. A “How To” document can be found HERE. Any questions should be directed to the CSS Payroll department at: 856-793-4646.

How do I sign up for Direct Deposit or Global Cash Card?

To sign up for Direct Deposit or Global Cash Card, fill out THIS Form form and fax or email it back to your local CSS office.

When can I pick up my paycheck from my local CSS office?

Payday is the Thursday of every week. Make sure to confirm live check pick up times with your recruiter. Sign up for Direct Deposit or global cash card by filling out this Paycheck Option Form and faxing or emailing it to your CSS office.

How do I refer a friend to receive $100 or $500?

To refer your friend or family member to CSS for employment, click HERE and fill out the online form. If your referral gets hired and works a minimum of 100 hours, you will receive a $100 check from CSS!

Where can I find a W-4 form?

Click HERE to download a copy of a W-4 form. Once you have completed it, scan to your local CSS office.

Candidate Benefits

What benefits are offered to CSS candidates?

CSS Benefits: 

While employed by CSS if eligible you may enroll in our contributory medical, dental, STD plans within your first 30 days of employment. CSS also offers Referral Bonus, and Skills Enhancement Training to those that qualify.

State & City paid sick leave ordinance applies to those that qualify. Please check with your Staffing Specialist at your local office. Ordinances are posted on our webpage.


Referral Bonus: 

For every candidate you refer to CSS who is hired and works a minimum of 100 hours, you will be eligible to receive a $100 referral bonus. Please check with your CSS representative for more details.  All candidate referrals must be disclosed prior to the referral’s start date and you must have worked within a 12 month period to receive the bonus.

Skills Enhancement Training: 

CSS employees may enhance their skills by having the tutorials sent to them via email. Please ask your CSS representative for more details.

Mini Discount Insurance Plan: 

A mini medical insurance plan designed specifically for the staffing industry is available to all associates. You will have 30 days after you are placed on your first assignment to enroll in the insurance plan. Customer Service # 866-375-0775