Essential Questions to Ask Candidates for IT Positions

Essential Questions to Ask Candidates for IT PositionsYou’ve read their resume, assessed their qualifications and you’re almost ready to bring on your new hire. They’re competent, qualified, and ready to work. But is that enough? It’s important that you know for sure that they’re the right person for the job. Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting valuable time and resources.

Present a Hypothetical Problem

Chances are you’re bringing a new person on in an effort to solve a problem. Either you need to round out your team’s skillset, or you need an extra hand on staff to help put out a fire. Likewise, it makes sense that you should evaluate their problem solving skills before you put them to work. Provide them with an example of a problem, and see how successfully they’re able to tackle it. Keep their approach in mind as well. Is it compatible with the strategy of your team? These are good things to know before you take them on.

Ask about Damage Control

Ask the candidate to describe a time when they had to support a team or mitigate damage to keep a project on track. This can help to reveal how well they perform under pressure, and how well they’re able to adapt to changing conditions. Did they take these challenges in stride, or did they have to depend on the guidance of someone else to accomplish the task at hand? Were they able to deploy creative problem-solving techniques in order to identify solutions that others might have missed? Some people thrive in adverse conditions, while unforeseen issues can easily derail others. Which category does this person fall into?

Ask About Methodology

Questions pertaining to methodology and work style can help to illuminate how easily a candidate will integrate into your existing team. Do they strike you as the type that works well alone or in a group? Are they detailed and meticulous in their descriptions? Methodology matters, and will ultimately affect the quality of your finished product. Keep these subtleties in mind as you make your decision.
Here at CSS, we thoroughly vet candidates before they ever walk through your door. This initial assessment saves our clients time and money, and ensures that they’re able to recruit the right person for the job. Visit our website or give us a call today to speak with a staffing specialist, and let’s work together to find the next member of your team.