Staying Focused and Confident During Your Job Search

If you’re currently searching for a job, chances are you’ve faced a lot of rejection. You have to put yourself out there but still hear a lot of, “No thank you,” before you hear a, “Yes.” So how do you stay motivated when your search seems to drag on? Here are some tips to help:

A job search is a job in and of itself.

If you’re unemployed, don’t let yourself fall into the trap of staying at home all day without a schedule. Keep normal work hours, keep a to-do list, just as you would at your workplace, and make sure you’re dedicating enough hours in a day to get everything done. Just like a normal job, you can also take breaks as needed, but don’t lose sight of your ultimate goal: employment.

If you’re employed currently but trying to find a different position, you need to make strategic use of your free time. Your lunch hour is a great time to make calls, provided you’re not doing them from your office or using a phone your employer is paying for. Also, when you go home for the day, make sure you dedicate at least an hour to your job search before relaxing for the evening.

Write everything down.

When you’re applying to several different jobs at one time, there can be a lot of balls in the air. You don’t want to drop one because you don’t have a system to manage your search. Print out the job descriptions of the positions you apply for and use them to take notes. Have you sent in your resume? Talked with a hiring manager? Scheduled an interview? Keeping track of these things will prevent you from doing something embarrassing like calling your company contact by the wrong name or applying for the same job twice.

Stay positive.

Not every company you apply to will be interested in you. It’s important not to take it personally. Continue to believe in yourself and keep moving forward with your search until you achieve your goal. Remember that every interview you go on is practice, and every person you speak to is building your network. Searching for a job make you a stronger candidate, so don’t give up!

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