Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud: Artificial Intelligence is HERE!

Salesforce is the considered the world’s best CRM for driving sales engagement!  Salesforce introduces Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud which is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).  AI is usually talked about as something to set your sight on in the future. The truth is, AI is here and it is in full force in almost every industry. While we aren’t sharing space with sentient robots, AI is creeping into more aspects of life. Recently Stanford University conducted a “100-year effort to study and anticipate how the effects of artificial intelligence will ripple through every aspect of how people work, live, and play.” Their first report was filed in 2016, and is rather robust. Below you will find some topics of interest from that report to see where things stand, and where AI might be going.

Wayne Gretsky once wrote: “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” “Salesforce is a great CRM because it predicts what’s next! Help your sales teams to become proactive rather than reactive with Salesforce Einstein,” says Liana Trigg, Saleforce.com Technical Account Manager.

Artificial Intelligence And Salesforce

New and existing technologies are merged together on one platform to bring your sales team Einstein Lead Scoring and accelerating the sales cycle with details like location, historical purchase history and the title of the prospect.  Einstein Activity capture integrates with your email and calendar to reduce duplication and includes custom email templates and advance calendar features.  The process of selling is streamlined on one platform to simply the effort so each sales representative spends more time turning the prospect into a custom with relationship building top of mind!  Click here for more details about how Artificial Intelligence can impact your sales team via Salesforce!

Artificial Intelligence And Transportation

Self-driving cars are already on the road in many cities. Many cars have a parallel parking feature that lets drivers park without touching the steering wheel. The rideshare company Uber has a fleet of self-driving cars, currently monitored by a human to ensure safety.  Automaker Tesla also has incorporated an autopilot feature designed to take over driving in the event that a driver has an emergency. According to the Stanford study, self-driving features will be available in cars, trucks, planes and other transportation vehicles by the year 2030.

Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence

AI is poised to disrupt the healthcare system in a variety of ways. Machine learning can help physicians with making decisions, monitoring patients both in a clinical setting and at home, coaching patients through a care plan, and through automated surgical devices. AI also makes it easier to mine patient data to establish public health patterns that could take humans decades to identify and to determine more accurate diagnosis and care plans for diseases that are often misdiagnosed or difficult to identify.

There is also a lot of research being put into developing AI devices to assist elderly patients in their home with activities of daily living and mentoring their physical and mental health, allowing them to age-in-place, rather than move into a care home before they actually require 24/7 monitoring and assistance.

AI In The Modern Workplace

Artificial intelligence has been creeping into the modern workplace slowly, but surely over the last several years.  This has struck fears that “the robots are coming for jobs,” but AI hasn’t reached a level where it can take the place of humans. Currently, AI is used for tasks, rather than jobs. For example, robots have become commonplace on assembly lines that used to be dominated by people, but humans are still required to monitor and operate that machinery – the robots are not fully autonomous. Technology can do things like scan 50 boxes of documents to identify patterns and data for forensic discovery, but a robot cannot take the place of a human lawyer.

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