Effectively Leveraging Your Staff – and Your Methods

Developing your sales team and improving your bottom line are intertwined concepts. By improving the ability of your representatives, you empower them to make more sales and bring more revenue into the organization. At the same time, by having more revenue, you can hire more skilled talent, helping further advance your sales projections and close rates. Every business wants to improve, so what are some of the best ways to do it?

Sales Team ManagementOne option that businesses are using today is increasing the amount of collaboration that is done at the employee level. Many organizations have standout sales leaders and top performers who have been with the organization and established themselves as effective sales representatives within the company. These individuals can often work with their peers more directly than managers, and impart upon their coworkers what they do that helps them be successful. One great way to build your team’s skills is to rely on your star players to improve your low performers or employees who need a bit of help to really stand out in your company.

Dividing your sales team into smaller groups that work together and can groupthink through their roadblocks and problems can encourage the sharing of tips and techniques among group members, helping to build your employees’ skills and talents. This can be done a few ways – physically grouping members together, setting aside a few minutes a day for group discussions and problem-solving, or even holding mini-trainings or sessions where your standout leaders can talk through a recent sales appointment or call to show their peers how they were able to succeed and close their deal.

Another option takes a page from sports – bring in a ringer. If you’re starting a new sales initiative or want to try a fresh approach to sales with your existing product or service, bringing in a new hire with a track record of success can being a new perspective and thinking to your sales team. Hiring someone with an impressive pattern of closing sales and landing big sales shows other members of your team that you’re continually working to improve, and they will notice. The new hire or hires can be paired with teams at your organization, working with them to break down their interactions with clients and identify ways to improve their pitch, better overcome objections or more successfully offer the sale. Through this refinement, shadowing and teamwork, your team is bound to find more success and increase your company’s sales.

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