Don’t Let These Interview Traits Keep You From Getting Hired

A job interview is a stressful event, and it’s all too common to let your nerves get the best of you. These nerves may give the impression that you have some traits that job interviewers want to avoid. By knowing what these traits are ahead of time, you can coach yourself to avoid displaying these traits and get through the interview with flying colors.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 traits employers don’t want to see in an interview:

1. The Shrinking Violet. While you may be nervous and anxious to please, no one likes a shrinking violet, especially if the job you are applying for requires a strong personality. Don’t be afraid to express your opinion in a confident manner, while being respectful and professional. Give the impression that you can handle yourself and anything that’s thrown at you.

2. The Yes Man. It’s only natural to want to agree with everything that is being said and to respond in the positive at every turn. However, job interviewers look at this as dishonesty and they can see through it. Don’t be afraid to admit you have faults – own up to them and be honest in every section of the interview. You’ll be rewarded for it.

3. The Negative Nelly. Never be disrespectful about past employers and experiences you may have had while under their employ. Job interviewers are smart enough to know that if you are derogatory about another company, chances are you’ll be derogatory about them in the future. Find a good and positive way to spin why you are leaving your old company.

4. The Buck Passer. Blaming other people for past performance problems will immediately put a bad taste in the interviewer’s mouth. Again, honesty is always the best policy. They would rather see someone who holds themselves accountable and isn’t afraid to be honest about their flaws, as well as their strengths.

By avoiding these top bad characteristics, you can ensure that you will come off as the safe and smart choice during your next interview.