Desktop Support Analyst Insights

Every company needs people to support the technology they use—which is where the Desktop Support Analyst comes in!

“If you’ve ever needed help because your laptop crashed and is showing the blue screen of death or you’ve been locked out of your account because your password hasn’t worked for the hundredth time, you’ve likely been assisted by a Desktop Support Analyst,” says Toni Thomas, Account Executive at CSS-Tec.

CSS Tec are experts in tech staffing, and if you’re looking for your next Desktop Support Analyst position or talent, CSS Tec has your back.

Desktop Support Analyst Data

There are over 20,000 Desktop Support positions in the United States, and according to Glassdoor, the national average salary for the Desktop Support Analyst is approximately $54,880.

Based on information available from the Dice Salary Calculator combined with CSS-Tec’s historical data, a Desktop Support Analyst in the Philadelphia area can expect to make the following salaries based on years of experience:

  • Junior: $34,038 – $53,776
  • Mid-Level: $45,599 – $75,886
  • Senior: $59,219 – $88,377

In 2019, the Greater Philadelphia area alone had over 660 open jobs posted for Desktop Support Analyst positions. The current demand for Desktop Support Analyst candidates in the Philadelphia market currently outweighs the available candidate pool by about a 2.27/1 ratio. 

What is a Desktop Support Analyst?

A Desktop Support Analyst troubleshoots computer and application issues to assist end-users, receiving requests for help via phone, email, webchat, or in person. While similar to a help desk agent, Desktop Support Analysts are more hands-on with issues, often entering a user’s computer to tackle the problem, either onsite or remotely. Desktop Support Analysts must understand the operating systems(s), hardware, and software of the users they help to provide them with the best service.

How to Become a Desktop Support Analyst

Since Desktop Support Analysts diagnose operating systems(s), hardware, and software issues, they have to have a strong understanding of computer science. Desktop Support Analysts typically have at least an associate degree in a related field, but this isn’t necessary if they’ve gained their skills by other means. Likewise, having certifications is not needed, but being certified by CompTIA, Cisco, Oracle or Microsoft is often a huge plus!

Who is CSS Tec?

CSS Tec, a business unit of Contemporary Staffing Solutions, has been a leading provider of contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire technology solutions while also offering Project Management and implementations of Salesforce solutions. CSS Tec prides itself on internal retention, with the average recruiter’s tenure exceeding five years, as well as their strong, established presence in the Philadelphia Metro area. The CSS Tec team coaches you with current business intelligence so that we can manage your expectations. 

“Technology is changing the way we work, so let’s keep sharing best practices at networking events and meet ups so we can stay ahead of the competition!” says Sharon Tsao, CMO of Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

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