Database Administrator Insights

Databases allow users to find important information for clients, customers, vendors, etc. In order to best utilize a database to organize and access information, it’s important to have a professional who knows how to navigate the database: a Database AdministratorCSS Tec has the great opportunity to recruit for the crucial role of the Database Administrator. 

“Businesses rely on data for their day-to-day functions and processes, storing this data in a database,” says Toni Thomas Account Executive at CSS Tec. 

Database Administrator Data  

There are over 14,000 Database Administrationpositions in the United States, and according to Glassdoor, the national average salary for this position is approximately $87,000. 

Based on information available from the Dice Salary Calculator combined with CSS-Tec’s historical data; a Database Administrator in the Philadelphia area can expect to make the following salaries based on years of experience: 

  • Junior: $75,832 – $95,176 
  • Mid-Level: $87,119 – 121,599 
  • Senior: $110,020 – 144,099 

In 2019, the Greater Philadelphia area alone currently had over 1,299 open jobs posted for Database Administrator positions which was 51.2% more jobs than in 2018. The current demand for Scrum Master candidates in the Philadelphia market currently outweighs the available candidate pool by about a 5.87/1 ratio and we see no signs that this demand will be slowing down any time soon.   

“For every 5+ jobs posted, there is only 1 applicant that is actively searching for a new Scrum Master opportunity, which reinforces how tight the market is for candidates.” says Dino Grigorakakis, COO, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.   

What is a Database Administrator? 

A Database Administrator in responsible for implementing, managing, maintaining, and upgrading an organization’s database, ensuring that users have appropriate access to the database and ensuring data integrity. 

There are a variety of databases for organizations to choose from and the databases are either SQL (Structured Query Language, which is a programming language strictly used for databases) or NoSQL (Not Only SQL). Popular databases organizations use include Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL, and MongoDB. 

Database administrators can either specialize in applications or systems and they can also choose to specialize in a specific database/kind of database. 

How to Become a Database Administrator 

The foundation for a Database Administrator is typically a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. Since many databases use SQL, SQL is a need-to-know programming language—proficiency in other programming languages, like Java or C#, may be required by some companies but for others it is just a bonus.  

Certifications, on the other hand, can be game changing. While the above salary information is true for a general Database Administrator, an Oracle Database Administrator can make significantly more money. If you’re looking to gain skills and add some more weight to your paycheck, get Oracle Database certified. 

Who is CSS Tec? 

CSS Tec, a business unit of Contemporary Staffing Solutions, has been a leading provider of contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire technology solutions while also offering Project Management and implementations of Salesforce solutions. CSS Tec prides itself on internal retention, with the average recruiter’s tenure exceeding five years, as well as their strong, established presence in the Philadelphia Metro area. The CSS Tec team coaches you with current business intelligence so that we can manage your expectations.  

“CSS values what a database administrator can bring to a growing company.  Need more information on our pipelines of fully vetted talent?  Reach out to CSS Tec today at!” says Sharon Tsao, CMO of Contemporary Staffing Solutions.  

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