CSS Celebrates Throwback Thursday!

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Contemporary Staffing Solutions celebrates
Throwback Thursday!

Once a month we will feature a “first job” from one of our employees, clients, or contractors, posing questions often asked in job interviews. They will share many things like what they learned from their first job, how they feel it’s applicable to their job today, and something they learned from their first job they wish they knew then.

Myrna R., a CSS Staffing Specialist, shares her first job:

Where was your first job & what was  your title there?

“Corporate Personnel – Industrial Recruiter “

What were your daily responsibilities?

“Interview candidates and fill job orders amongst other things.”

What was a “stand out” moment that was fun/interesting/memorable”?

“I was hired as a receptionist but didn’t do that very long, because I was promoted to an Industrial Recruiter. Funny thing is that I was super pregnant.”

What did you learn from this job that you apply to your current job?

“I learned that I had to be very organized and be able to multi-task to be successful in the position. Also, learned to handle irate clients and candidates.”

What do you know now, that you wish you knew then?

“That not everyone has good intentions or necessarily tells you the truth.”

What is your current job/title?

Myrna is currently a Staffing Specialist with Contemporary Staffing Solutions in our Jacksonville, FL office.

Thank you Myrna for all your great responses to Contemporary Staffing Solutions “Throwback Thursday!”

CSS Wants to know:
What did you learn from your first job?

 If you would like the opportunity to be featured in our
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