Could Your Customer Service Team Benefit From Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce is a powerhouse when it comes to CRM for sales and marketing; however, Salesforce Service Cloud is rapidly growing as a market leader in CRM for customer service. Suitable for both B2B and B2C enterprises, Salesforce Service Cloud can streamline the service delivery process and help your organization leverage critical data to continually improve customer service over time.

“Salesforce Service Cloud is revolutionizing the way companies do business by improving response times, enabling the support team, and enhancing the customer experience.” Says Liana Trigg, CSS Tec Technical Account Manager.

What Does Salesforce Service Cloud Do?

When used effectively, Salesforce Service Cloud can provide a host of business benefits including:

  • Expanded productivity: Service cloud allows for process automation, and puts critical data at a rep’s fingertips while they are interacting with a customer. This helps establish one-to-one relationships with customers across channels and devices.
  • Time management: Tasks are automatically fed to a rep as they move through their day, and follow-up is automated so nothing falls through the cracks. This improves time management, increases customer satisfaction and reduces errors.
  • Enhanced security: Salesforce is known for its multilayered approach to security to ensure the protection of critical customer data.
  • Remote work possibilities: Service Cloud allows talented agents to work from anywhere, which means you can expand your talent pool and hire remote agents, or provide your existing agents with the flexibility to work remotely as needed.
  • Social media inquiry tracking: Salesforce Service Cloud can “listen” to your social media feeds and automatically route a case to an appropriate agent to improve social response time and quality.
  • Embedded applications: Customer support software like video chat, screen sharing, and on-screen guided assistance can be embedded into Service Cloud to provide a variety of communication channels for customers.

These benefits are positively impacting businesses according to data from companies currently leveraging Service Cloud:

  • 48% faster resolution time
  • 47% increase in CSR productivity
  • 45% decrease in average call handling time
  • 45% decrease in service costs
  • 45% increase in customer retention and satisfaction

Are You Getting The Most From Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud is easy to use and can help make your customer service team run like a well-oiled machine, but you can only realize its full potential if you are optimizing Service Cloud features to suit the needs of your organization. Getting the most from Salesforce starts with having the right technical staff on your team to help you effectively customize Service Cloud.

If you are seeking highly-skilled Salesforce developers for your tech team, contact the recruiting experts at CSS today. We can connect you with the top developers in the market who will help your company get the most from Salesforce Service Cloud.

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