Could This New Salesforce Feature Transform B2B Sales And Marketing?

Salesforce Pardot’s Engagement Studio, which was formerly only available to select beta testers, is now open to all Pardot customers at no additional charge. This feature provides marketers with new ways to plan, implement and test out buyer journeys in the B2B market.


Bringing Sales and Marketing Together

Shannon Duffy, Pardot’s VP of Marketing wrote in an announcement on both the Pardot and Salesforce sites:


In order to deliver on customer expectations, marketers today need a solution that is powerful enough to deliver unified experiences, yet simple enough for both their team and sales to use. With the new Engagement Studio, creating a B2B buyer journey is as easy as building a Spotify playlist.


Marketers and sales reps can think of the Engagement Studio as “mission control” for the entire customer journey. The command center allows users to track lead generation and nurturing and view reporting on one, simple screen. From there, they can see visual representations of automated rules, actions and triggers based on customer data pulled from Salesforce.  Marketers can quickly and easily build a nurturing campaign based on unique customer factors.


Personalizing And Testing The Buyer’s Journey

The new features of the platform raise the total of pre-built triggers, actions and rules from 15 to over 50.  Its mobile app keeps field sales reps connected at all times, allowing them to add new prospects and customer data to the Engagement Studio directly from a mobile device. Previously, reps had to submit data to marketing team members who had desktop access to Pardot.


Salesforce has further enhanced the interface of the Studio, creating a better user experience. Now, employees can find critical engagement data they need right from a prospect’s screen, rather than having to jump to a different portal within the application.  Users can also test what would happen with a prospect if sales or marketing takes a specific action, allowing them to choose the right actions at the right time.  According to Salesforce:


Not only can marketers visually plan out all assets in one, central canvas for a complete view of the buyer journey, they can now also test the buyer’s experience. By following the exact path to purchase that the buyer will travel, marketers can launch new journeys with confidence by finding and fixing gaps in advance, ensuring journeys will deliver real results.


These new features from Salesforce Pardot will put marketing and sales teams in a better position to reach prospects with more effective, personalized, nurturing campaigns and will create stronger relationships throughout the buying process.


Exceptional tools like Salesforce Pardot’s Engagement Studio can help sales and marketing teams succeed, but nurturing the buyer’s journey is still about people. If you want to get the most from your tools, you have to have the right team in place to make use of it. If your organization is looking to attract the best and brightest sales and marketing talent, contact the recruiting experts at CSS ProSeach today to learn more about connecting with the professionals who will nurture your prospects to a long and profitable relationship.