Common Qualities of Effective HR Professionals

Common Qualities of Effective HR ProfessionalsYou depend on your human resources staff to manage the people that your company is composed of. They are the diplomats of the corporate world, advocating both for your business and the employees therein. It’s their job to anticipate trouble and mitigate the effects of minor conflicts before they snowball into more serious issues that can disrupt operations. The ability of your HR department to function effectively is fundamental to your business’ success. Likewise, it’s essential that hiring managers know what to look for when interviewing prospective HR candidates.


Your HR staff deals with sensitive information every day. Some if this information might pertain to intimate details of your employees’ lives. HR personnel should be measured and ethical in their decision making in order to protect the privacy of your employees, and the well-being of your company.


Your HR staff act as liaisons between the various departments and managerial levels in your company. They should strive to maintain open lines of communication within your company, and eliminate potential impediments to effective communication as well.

Conflict Resolution

Part of being an effective communicator, especially in the context of human resources, is the ability to tactfully confront and manage conflicts rather than avoid them. In order to resolve conflicts while avoiding collateral damage, human resources personnel should be able to listen carefully to complaints and concerns, and then work closely with employees to resolve these issues.

Familiarity with Employment Legislation

This includes everything from OSHA guidelines to state-wide regulations governing wages and work hours. Your HR staff should be able to stay abreast of the ever-changing landscape of employment legislation, and make necessary adjustments to company policies accordingly.

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