Need to Hire Discreetly? Here are Four Strategies to Follow

Occasionally, you’ll need to keep quiet about a new hire. Perhaps you’re looking to replace a current employee who is just not working out, but need him or her to continue to fill a crucial role until you find a suitable replacement. Maybe you’re looking to open a new division, but this is not yet public knowledge. If a situation arises that requires discretion in hiring, it can help to have a few strategies up your sleeve for hiring “on the sly.”

Benefits of discreet hiring

If an employment situation requires discretion in hiring, finding new employees in secret can have several benefits:

  • It helps maintain employee productivity. If the employee you wish to replace finds out about your plans, he or she may quit immediately, or stay on and become unproductive. This can cause a slow-down in company processes, especially if the employee has a role that is important in day-to-day business, such as a receptionist or line worker.
  • The workplace remains positive. Other employees may view your actions with suspicion and fill your business environment with negative energy. However, if you hire a replacement employee discreetly, it can help diminish employees’ feelings of distrust.
  • You gain the opportunity to discuss a company change at your own pace. If you’re looking to add a new division or make a change to a department, you’ll be able to implement this change and plan for how you’ll announce it to the company, customers, or the public in general.

Four ways to practice discretion when hiring

Maintain privacy in your hiring process with the following techniques:

  • Hire internally. The advantage of hiring a current employee is that they are already familiar with your company and its culture. If your goal is the creation of a new division, you can save on the cost of external advertising—and keep your plans under “lock and key”—by hiring internally. Of course, you’ll have to ask employees to remain hush-hush until the plan is finalized.
  • Use a staffing firm. If you wish to hire an external employee or employees, consider using a professional staffing company. Staffing firms offer services that will help you hire new employees with utmost confidentiality: firms take care of the advertising, interviewing, hiring and sometimes will assist with onboarding.
  • Select your interview location carefully. If you decide to take the hiring process into your own hands, be sure to conduct your interviews at a time and place that won’t raise red flags for current employees. Consider evening or weekend interviews. If you interview during work hours, select an off-site location, such as rentable office space or a coffee shop, if the interview is somewhat informal.
  • Keep your lips sealed. You may be excited about the prospect of new staff, but be careful whom you tell within your company. Only inform the necessary individuals—such as human resources—until it’s time to announce the employment change.

Follow these four strategies to ease the stress of “secret” hiring. Remember that the success of your company and the satisfaction of your customers depends on the quality of work your staff is producing. If it’s time to make an employment shift, follow the right measures to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

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