Can You Actually Be Overqualified for a Job? Handling Objections in Interviews

While most candidates worry about being underqualified for a position, there are times when you will end up being overqualified. How you handle this situation in a job interview will largely determine whether or not you end up landing the job. Being overqualified isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you will need to approach the situation a little differently.

There are numerous reasons why a simpler position can be attractive. Maybe you want less stress in your life, or you want to focus on other things and have your job be secondary in your priority list. While you really don’t want to share these things with a future employer, there are some objections you will need to answer.

The interviewer is going to have some questions about your qualifications and why you are applying for this position. Being prepared for these questions will help you get through the interview with flying colors and help cement in the interviewer’s mind that you are the right choice for the position.

The most common objection you’re going to face is why do you want this job? This means the interviewer is really wondering if you’re just going to use this position to mark time until the job you really want comes along. Assuming you’re not doing this (and we hope you aren’t) now is the time to stress your enthusiasm about the company and its goals and how you want to be a part of that organization. You don’t necessarily want to lay this on too thick, but showing enthusiasm and passion for the position will help ease the interviewer’s mind.

The next objection that will likely come up is whether or not you expect fast and furious promotions if you deign to take a position that is obviously well below your skill levels. It is vital to stress that you are interested in long-term company growth, not instant gratification. Let the interviewer know you are looking at the big picture.

Lastly, if the position has a pay-cut from your prior position, the interviewer is going to want to know where your mind is in this process. Are you really okay with taking less money? Once again, this is the time to stress enthusiasm for the company and explain your priorities a little more, ie: You would rather take less money to work for a company you can believe in.

Are you worried about being overqualified for a position or are you currently seeking employment? Let the experts at Contemporary Staffing help you get prepared for your next job interview.