Can Salesforce Trailhead Help Your Career?

Looking to increase Salesforce ROI? Want to create new Salesforce Apps? Curious about Salesforce Einstein? Trailhead is a free, gamified, guided learning path for administrators, developers, and other users that has received high marks from the community since its inception in 2014 and affords its users the opportunity to learn Salesforce at their own pace.

What Is Trailhead?

Trailblazer was originally created with beginner and intermediate users in mind, though there are now advanced trails for users further along in their journey, which means developers and admins at all levels can become Trailblazers.  The overarching goal of Trailhead is to transform the way people learn and use Salesforce through:

  • Self-paced learning: Users choose the appropriate trail for their needs/skill level and move through the trail at their own pace.
  • Logical pathways: The content in Trailhead is arranged in three levels: trails, modules and units. Each is presented to the user in a predetermined sequence so that they can simply follow the path, rather than take time deciding on their order of progression and running the risk of paralysis by analysis.
  • Bite-sized, interactive lessons: Trailhead content can be consumed in 10-15 minutes at a stretch, so it’s easy for users to find the time to learn. At the end of each unit, a challenge is provided to verify the information that was just learned. Instant feedback generated to show what was done correctly/incorrectly in the challenge.
  • Gamified learning: Points and badges are awarded upon successful completion of modules and units. Those badges are displayed on the user’s Trailhead profile.

The Benefits of Blazing a Trail with Trailhead

Trailhead was designed for all users, but it seems to have had the biggest impact on Admins. According to the Salesforce Usage Report 2017, 89 percent of Salesforce Administrators surveyed were actively using Trailhead and of those, 86 percent expected to earn a higher salary as a result of the fact that they were improving their organization’s Salesforce ROI.

Trailhead is not supposed to take the place of other Salesforce learning resources, but it is supposed to enhance them. Prior to Trailhead, users had to determine on their own the best ways to learn and use Salesforce. This system is a free resource that helps users order their learning in a logical fashion, fit learning into their schedule in a non-intrusive way, track what they’ve learned, and progressively build skills and knowledge.

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