Can HR Networking Groups Advance Your Career?

When it comes to advancing your HR career, no single action will skyrocket you to the top. It takes a robust strategy to ensure you get where you want to go. However, one of the most important tools in your toolbox is membership in professional associations and networking groups. If you are someone with aspirations to advance your career, it’s time to get involved in the HR community.

“Networking benefits are tremendous and impactful, no matter what your experience!  It can take a while for someone to learn how doors are opened by others but the credentials you bring to the table are what land you your next opportunity.  Having a coach to help you through the process is invaluable!  Find a subject matter expert and ask them for a 20-minute conversation where you conduct a reverse or informational interview to learn more about the role you are striving to move into.” says Sharon Tsao, CMO of Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

The Benefits of HR Networking Groups

There are many benefits to joining HR groups, including:

  • Dedication to your field: Joining professional HR groups shows that your career choice is more than a means to a paycheck; it’s something you believe in and you are willing to dedicate some of your free time to.
  • Opportunities to make new connections: Joining networking groups is all about making new connections in the HR field. Relationships you build today can lead to new opportunities tomorrow.
  • Learning opportunities: Networking groups host seminars, put on panel discussions and often provide publications that provide you with information on industry news and trends.
  • Professional development: Associations and groups always need leaders. Joining committees or taking on an officer position provides you with opportunities to improve your leadership skills and gives you experience to boost your resume.

The key to achieving these benefits is to be active in the groups you belong to. Just paying membership fees and reading emails isn’t enough. As with any networking strategy, you get out of it what you put into it.

“As an HR Professional myself, I find tremendous value going to networking groups that have topics of interest to me – I need to find real solutions and prefer to exchange business intelligence with others having the same challenges.  Reach out to me directly if you want to consider joining an exclusive group of Talent Acquisition Leaders that are constantly looking for new ways to source, attract and retain talent!” says Alyssa Mastrangelo, Regional Recruiting Director of Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

How To Find Strong HR Professional and Networking Groups

There are myriad HR groups across the country and finding organizations that can actually benefit you and your career can be overwhelming.  A simple Google search for your geographic location can yield dozens of results. Start by asking colleagues which groups they belong to and ask them whether they feel they get anything out of their membership.

As you narrow your search, consider these respected groups, as well:

Are You An HR Professional Looking To Grow Your Career?

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