Can a 100 Year Old Book Empower Your Workforce?

When Elbart Hubbard wrote, “A Message to Garcia,” in 1899, he probably didn’t have any idea the impact his essay would have not only on people in his own time, but also today. While the essay was written about communication in war time, “A Message to Garcia,” is incredibly useful for learning how to communicate with your workforce today.
The general plot of the essay is that one man, Andrew Rowan, is given a message of the utmost importance. He is given only vague directions on how to find the recipient, General Garcia, who is located somewhere in Cuba, but he knows he is the man for the job. This confidence and his positive attitude led him to the right spot and he delivered the vital message in just three weeks.
What can we learn from this essay today? First, it is vital to find the “Rowan,” in your own personality. It means that you must be willing to face seemingly impossible odds and treacherous terrain to deliver your message to your company and to your employees.
While the road may not be easy, and the difficulties you face may be numerous, knowing that you are the person for the job will help you get your message delivered. This essay can inspire you to find your own direction within your organization and it can help you inspire others.
When you are given a task to do, be a Rowan and get it done, no matter what. While it is important to get guidance initially, have the fortitude to find your own answers and your own path as you complete your work. Lastly, practice diligence in your work to complete your assigned task from A to Z.

Thanks to Project Gutenberg, “A Message to Garcia,” has not been lost and can be downloaded free of charge. If you want to inspire yourself and your employees, take a few minutes to read this powerful essay. Chances are it will change your whole way of thinking and offer inspiration to help you become the Rowan in your company.