Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Salesforce

As Salesforce holds steady as the leading CRM platform on the market, their services and tools are constantly evolving to lead the industry in innovative new offerings. In suit with the shift in business trends, Salesforce has proven its innovation with many new tools and capabilities centering around artificial intelligence. CSS Tec Services has pulled together some of their top takeaways for implementing Salesforce’s AI tools into your business. 

“Utilizing data and aiming for total efficiency, these tools are well worth a look into where your business can most benefit,” Says Liana Trigg, Salesforce Sales Director, CSS Tec Services.

Salesforce Einstein 

Salesforce Einstein is a comprehensive AI layer for the CRM platform. This tool is valuable to various facets of business spanning from Sales, Field Services, Marketing, and IT. By sifting through large amounts of data, Einstein works to identify trends, provide insights on what is resonating with your customers and help your business act with predictable outcomes.  


AI is a valuable integration to any sales practice, providing the ability to thoroughly understand customer needs and utilize that knowledge to predict future opportunities. Additionally, there are tools designed to identify leads and further predict which leads will convert to tangible business. Some Einstein tools that are highly valuable to a sales organization are: 

  • Einstein Discovery is a tool that is designed to identify patterns and provide insights on recurring critical business issues. Additionally, this tool takes the guess work out of the data and provides recommendations on how to build action plans around the findings.  
  • Einstein Prediction Builder works with your data to predict outcomes such as the likelihood of an invoice being paid or client turnover. 
  • Einstein Forecasting works to predict individual sales forecasts, to better aid Sales Leaders in forecasting and pipelining.  
  • Einstein Lead and Opportunity Scoring is a predictive tool to understand the convertibility of a lead, letting reps allocate their time and resources to the right deals. 
  • Einstein Account Scoring is a tool that reviews and understands which accounts are most likely to positively receive your brand and service offerings, again allowing reps to prioritize time and resources.  

These are just a few of the tools that are offered to make smart sales decisions with AI.  

“These and many others give Sales Reps the tools to efficiently target the right accounts and Sales Leaders the tools needed to give the best coaching and recommendations.” Says Chuck George, Managing Director, CSS Tec Services.

Field Services 

Especially in a current and post-COVID world, the field services’ world is turning upside down. AI can be the key to deploying the most efficient processes to resolving as many cases as possible. Salesforce Einstein works to combat churn and attrition in agents, increasing adoption for new business practices, and decreasing case resolution timelines. Some tools designed to combat these critical field services issues are: 

  • Einstein Bots is a tool designed to resolve common customer requests and issues. Additionally, this tool will collect customer information, which can then be passed along to an agent, with very little data lost in the process. This automated process allows for agents to spend more time resolving more urgent and complex requests or issues.  
  • Einstein Agent is a predictive tool used to pair the right agent with the right customer issue. This tool routes cases to the agent most likely to resolve the issue the most efficiently.  

These tools and other Salesforce Einstein features aim to identify and combat common issues before they occur, create efficacy in the agent interaction process, and give field service agents the highest likelihood of success in resolving cases.  


AI and marketing are almost inseparable in today’s business world. Generating data and the ability to provide a personalized marketing experience to customer’s is a key product of utilizing AI in marketing. Salesforce Einstein provides marketers the ability to increase customer conversion, campaign generated leads, and more efficiently target customers in marketing efforts. Some tools provided to achieve these goals are: 

  • Einstein Engagement Scoring will review customers and predict their propensity to engage with your marketing efforts, allowing you to be more targeted in your campaigns. 
  • Einstein Recommendations will give recommendations based on which content specific customers are most likely to engage. This allows marketing teams to personalize content more efficiently with a higher ROI, every time. 
  • Einstein Journey Insights is a predictive tool that will provide a road map for individual customers. The road map is made up of marketing touchpoints and predicts the ideal campaign to lead to conversion. 
  • Einstein Vision for Social Studio is a tool that detects logos, images, and other identifiers across social media to provide insights on your audience. 

These are a few of the AI tools best suited for marketing to more targeted audiences, increasing campaign ROI, and providing more personalized experiences to your customers.  


AI has expanded IT teams’ abilities to make magic behind the scenes. Einstein continues to enhance this ability by providing insights and predictions to drive growth and evolution. The tools catered to these goals are: 

  • Project Risk is a metric that measures the likelihood of a project achieving the assigned delivery date. These will allow for IT teams to prioritize time and resources to the most urgent projects. 
  • Equipment Loss is another metric that will predict how likely specific equipment is to be broken or lost, allowing security plans or inventory replacement budgets to be made up. 

Human Resources 

Human Resources often is tasked with large business-critical projects with tight budgets and resource allocations. AI helps HR teams to make predictions and prioritize their time in the most efficient way possible. Salesforce Einstein offers the following metrics for HR teams: 

  • Staffing Growth is a metric which works to understand fluctuations in staffing demands, better allowing HR teams to pipeline efficiently for future headcount. 
  • Offer Acceptance is another metric to predict the likelihood of individual candidates to accept offers made by your company to account for the best talent, most likely to accept an offer. 
  • Recommended Training is an AI powered tool that predicts employee growth and development plans for HR leaders to adopt to increase retention and productivity. 

In Conclusion 

These are just a few of the tools and capabilities that are powered by artificial intelligence within the Salesforce platform. Utilizing data and aiming for total efficiency, these tools are well worth a look into where your business can most benefit. Reach out to CSS Tec Services to find out how your business model can best adopt AI tools and better cater to your customers’ needs! 

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