Among The Top 25 Jobs In The U.S. Are Tax, Audit, And Finance Managers

It’s easy for accounting and finance professionals to say they have some of the best jobs in the country. It turns out, however, that they are onto something. According to a survey released in January 2016 by the job search website Glassdoor, tax managers, audit managers and finance managers are ranked #2, #10 and #16 respectively among the 25 Best Jobs in the U.S.


The Data Behind the Results

The economists who conducted the survey ranked the top 25 jobs based on three major factors:

  1. Median base salary according to Glassdoor data
  2. Number of job openings as of January 2016, according to Glassdoor
  3. Average career opportunity rating as reported by Glassdoor users
tax audit

At the time of the survey, there were more than 1,632 finance manager positions on Glassdoor with a median salary of $115,000. There were 1,574 tax manager positions with a median salary of $108,000; and 1,001 audit manager jobs with a median salary of $95,000. It should be noted that tax and audit managers ranked higher because they received a 3.9 out of a possible five points on the opportunity rating scale while finance received a 3.3.


Making the Most of Tax, Audit and Finance Opportunities

According to data collected from job postings, firms are asking accounting and finance candidates to come to the table with more than just numbers-related skills and certifications. Given the heavy burden of today’s regulatory environment, they want to hire people who can help their companies become proactive, rather than reactive. Professionals who are adept in strategic planning and data analysis will edge out the competition as the industry becomes increasingly fueled by technology and continues to experience a fast pace of change.


Tax, audit and finance managers who want to land positions with the potential for growth need to show they are the “complete package.” Hiring managers will be looking for specific skill sets, to be sure, but they will also be looking for less-tangible qualities like soft skills, personality, and true business acumen. They want forward-thinking professionals who will keep their firms both profitable and compliant.


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