7 Interview Questions to Prove You’re the Right One for the Job

When you’re interviewing for a job, you spend so much time “under the microscope” that it’s easy to forget that you have an opportunity to ask your own questions. When the hiring manager opens the floor to you, it’s your time to really shine. The questions you ask should serve two purposes. First, they should help you gather more information that will help you determine whether the job is right for you. Second, your questions should reinforce to the interviewer that you are the ideal candidate. Here are seven thoughtful questions to ask your interviewer to prove you are the right one for the job.

“Lack of questions during the interview process shows little desire to learn more about a company, which translates negatively to a hiring manager. The more questions asked, the more you learn and draw up a better picture of what your day to day will look like in the position. Questions create clear communication and place you ahead of other applicants. During my interviews for a Digital Marketing Leader role, I brought ideas that would improve the brand at CSS.  I waited until it was my turn to ask questions to fold in my ideas. Be strategic and customize your questions to sell yourself as the best candidate!” says Marybel DiScala, Digital Marketing Leader, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

One: What Types of People Succeed Here?

This question shows that you are thinking about your long-term success within the organization. The answer to this question will help you determine if truly a good fit.  If you pay close attention, and read between the lines, you can also glean some more information about what the culture is like, as well.

Two: How Would You Score The Organization In Terms of Living Up To Its Core Values?

This is a rather bold question, but the answer can tell you a lot. Most companies can state their core values, but not all can live up to those values.  This forces the interviewer to talk about organizational shortcomings that might not otherwise come out in an interview setting. It also shows that you want to understand more about how the organization as you consider joining it.

Three: If I Am Chosen For the Position, What Are Goals You’d Like Me To Achieve In the First Month, Three Months and Six Months?

Asking this question shows you’re very interested in the job and want to fully understand expectations. The answer will tell you whether leaders have set clearly defined goals for the job. If goals have been set, do they seem to align with the job description? Do they seem realistic? If goals have not been set, take this as a red flag.

Four:  What Are This Team’s Best and Worst Working Relationships Within The Company?

This question demonstrates your interest in learning the good, the bad and the ugly about your potential future colleagues as well as the working culture within the organization. The answer will provide you with insight into some of the challenges you may face if you land the job.

Five: How Did You Get Your Start Here and What Makes You Stay?

People like talking about themselves. Asking this question shows a genuine interest in the interviewer and builds rapport. The answer can give you some insight into the good things about working for the company.

Six: What Is Your (Or My Future Boss’s) Leadership Style?

This is a very important question for both you and the interviewer. It demonstrates that you are interested in learning more about the person you will report to and the answer will give you much-needed detail about your future boss.

Seven: When You Think of Your Ideal Candidate, Do You See Any Gaps In My Skills Or Experience?

This is a very bold question, but it can be a game changer. First, it will let you know what the interviewer thinks might be some potential weaknesses in your background. However, it also gives you the chance to address their concerns before you leave. Finally, it shows that you are a confident person who isn’t afraid to solicit feedback.

Bonus Closing Question:  What Are The Next Steps In The Interview Process?  Are you recommending me?

Job seekers shouldn’t need to be reminded to ask this question(s), but it’s an easy one to overlook especially if you’ve got to hurry back to work or if you’re riding high on a slam-dunk interview. Never leave without asking this question to show your interest in continuing in the process.

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