5 Workforce Problems You Can Solve With Staffing Services

If you’ve never considered hiring temporary staff members, now is a great time to see if this solution is right for your company. There are several instances where a staffing service can help you with common workforce problems.

1. Fluctuations in Demand. Whether you have a seasonal business, or you foresee a dramatic but temporary increase in demand, instead of hiring full-time employees, you can meet this need with a staffing service. They can provide extra staff for you when you need it, and when the demand slacks off, you can simply go back to your regular staff level without any problems.

2. Turnover Issues. If there are specific positions within your company that have high turnover rates, you can temporarily fix the issue by contracting with a staffing service. They can supply a highly trained person to fill the position and may even be able to assist in training a new hire. Instead of getting stuck with an empty position, you can use a temporary staffer until you can get the issue addressed.

3. Specialized Skills. This is particularly common in IT departments, and other specialized areas within a company. You may need someone with specialized skills — but you may not need them all the time. Instead of trying to carry a full-time employee, a temporary staffing solution is ideal for this situation.

4. Immediate Needs. If you have a position that suddenly opens up and you know it will take you several weeks to find the right candidate, a staffing service can help you fill the position right away with a highly trained worker, giving you the time to find the right person for the job. This is particularly important for positions that are highly necessary within your organization.

5. Rising Costs of Labor. Not only are wages getting higher, but employees want more benefits to go with the higher pay. This can easily break a smaller company and even large companies can feel the pinch. Subcontracting out a position to a temporary staffer can easily solve this problem — you don’t have to pay them benefits, and you get the person you need for the job.