5 Ways To Be Indispensable in 2017

One important reality of today’s corporate culture is harsh: Performance does not guarantee job security. Anyone can be let go at any time, so it is critical to become a contributor that your boss cannot live without. Being indispensable won’t always guarantee you a job – it’s often the newbies that are the first to go when budgets get slashed – but it will guarantee that you make a strong impression on managers. Becoming indispensable helps you move up and earn more, and ensures that when you do move on to a new opportunity, you’ve got business leaders willing and able to provide strong references and recommendations.

“As a critical anchor on the leadership team, I work very hard to hold myself accountable to what my boss, and my bosses boss have asked me to prioritize.  I am not saying I am indispensable, but I am saying that I go above and beyond every day to lead by example so I can in turn develop those that report to me with the right example setting.  As a visionary, I want to know the plan 12 months out.  If all goes well, I will fill CSS with mini-leaders that can be promoted into other leadership roles and surround myself with people who have a high standard for results,” says Alyssa Cenekofsky, Branch Manager, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

Tune In To The Company’s Mission

You have a list of responsibilities and tasks associated with your role. Don’t think of this is simply a “to-do” list of chores. Instead, think about the way each task helps the company achieve its mission and goals. Whether you field customer inquiries, balance company books or keep networks running, your work matters. If you connect yourself to the big picture, you’ll feel a sense of purpose and enthusiasm that will be noticeable in the way you approach your work.

Make Your Manager Look Good

Your direct supervisor will make or break your success with the organization. Managers like people who make them look good, so if you want to become indispensable, it all begins with becoming indispensable to your manager. Do everything they ask on time (early is better), and anticipate things they need before they have to ask. Volunteer for projects no one else wants to take and make them successful.

Develop Strong Soft Skills

Nobody works in a bubble. You are part of a team and your communication skills, ability to listen and empathize, and your willingness to accept and act on constructive criticism impact those around you. By developing excellent soft skills, you will become an influencer on your team and influencers always stand out from the crowd.

Embrace Learning And Development

Employers want to invest in people who demonstrate a desire to learn and grow with the organization. Look into the development opportunities available through your employer. Take advantage of company-sponsored training events and tuition reimbursement programs. Growing your skillset benefits both you and the organization and it demonstrates leadership and growth potential to your bosses. If your company does not offer such programs, talk to your boss about your goals. Ask for additional responsibilities or the chance to cross-train on a new skill. Even if they say no, they will notice and remember that you spoke up.

Go Above And Beyond

If you want to be indispensable in the workplace you have to do more than meet expectations, you must exceed them.  These early years of your career are the time when you can work a little later and a little harder without sacrificing too much of your personal time. Don’t be afraid to be the first one in the door and the last one out of the door (as long as you’re actually working).  Volunteer for new projects, tackle things nobody else likes to do and look for ways to become more efficient and effective.  Always look to do more and challenge yourself. You’ll not only benefit your organization by working harder than expected, you’ll also grow as a person and as a professional.

If you are a recent college graduate seeking opportunities to jump-start your career, Contemporary Staffing Solutions are here to help.  We will partner with you to match you with positions where you will naturally become indispensable. Contact us to learn more about our commitment to your success.