4 Ways to Show You’re Passionate in a Job Interview

You landed the interview! You updated your resume, you wrote a cover letter (maybe), you followed up (hopefully), and the company you applied to thinks your qualifications may translate well into this role!

How do you convince the person or people interviewing you that you are the perfect person for the position? One great way to do this is to show your passion.

“Passion starts in the interview, and continues into the opportunity and the career! Be mindful of what gets you to jump out of bed in the morning and put yourself in that environment for a lifetime of happiness.” Says, Sharon Tsao, CMO, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

Here are four ways to show your passion in an interview:

Research the Company Ahead of Time

Any recruiter will say to do this before an interview: make sure to do your research! Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and the company’s website are great sources to develop an understanding about the company, its mission, and its services. Looking at any recent news reports or articles would also be beneficial to understand current issues or happenings. By doing your research, you can bring up the information you researched during your interview, showing the interviewer that you came prepared.

Ask Questions

During the interview, professionally and personally engaging with the interviewer will show them that you are passionate about this position. You should always bring questions about the role you’re interviewing for, such as “what could I do to succeed in the role?” and “what do the daily duties of this position look like?” However, it’s also important to ask the interviewer questions. Asking questions about their position or experience with the company, about company culture, and even what they like most about working at the company can prove to be beneficial. Not only will their answers provide you with insight, it will also prove to the interviewer that you don’t have blinders on and you are truly interested in the bigger picture and more than just the responsibilities of the role.

Talk About Related Hobbies and Experience

Maybe you’re interviewing for a Recruiting position and you were in charge of Recruitment for your sorority. Maybe you’re going for an Engineering role and you and your friends always make robots when you hang out. Maybe you’re a Graphic Designer and you always bring a notebook with you to doodle in when inspiration strikes. Bringing up any kind of applicable activities you participate in your free time (or volunteer work!) will indicate that you have a passion for the field that extends past just your cubicle.

Be Yourself

Yep, just like your parents taught you when they sent you off to school or soccer practice! Be yourself! Although normally used in the context of making new friends or going on a first date, the same thing is applicable in getting a new job. By being your authentic self, you are able to fully engage with the interviewer and gauge if you’re a good fit within the company and its culture.

Looking for a Job You’re Passionate About?

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