3 Best Ways to Attract Today’s Top Tech Talent

Tech companies face a common problem when it comes to staffing. This is an incredibly competitive field. You need to have a talented workforce, but if your company does not stand out from the rest of the crowd, you will not be able to attract the top talent your company needs to succeed.
This catch-22 situation can be avoided by implementing strategies designed not only to attract the talent you need, but also to retain that talent. Three very simple strategies can have tremendous results if they are applied correctly.

1. Offer the option to telecommute.
According to Dice.com, workers are more than willing to take up to a 10% cut in pay just to have the option to telecommute to their jobs. You can offer telecommuting options in a variety of ways. For example, you can give employees a set amount of days to work at home, or you can provide them with a 100% telecommuting position. If you are looking to attract talent outside of your local area, instead of expecting them to re-locate, offer them the option of telecommuting to work. This also translates into a powerful retention tool.

2. Choose the right places for recruiting.
Today’s tech world is evolving incredibly quickly. If you are relying on old methods of reaching new talent, chances are you may be coming up short. Utilize social media for your applicant search and get connected with the tech community on a personal level.

3. Keep your website current with tech trends.
Is your corporate web site trapped in a design that is staid and non-functional? Remember, if you want to attract the best, you have to be the best. Your company’s site is still your public face to the world. If it’s not compelling and exciting, chances are you may get passed over for a competitor who appears to have more to offer.
These are just three simple ways for your company to start attracting the cream of the tech crop. Just as you must stay on top of current trends to market your company’s products and services, you must also do this to market yourself to potential new-hires.