2019 Accounting Salary Guide

Accounting has always been a field in which it is possible to earn a great living. The higher up the ladder you climb, whether in private or public accounting, the more earning power you achieve. With unemployment at historic lows and a tighter job market than we’ve seen in decades, salaries are starting to climb even higher, as organizations compete for the best and brightest.

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Below are the salaries you can expect based on job title through 2019, according to several sources. As you browse the list, keep in mind that individual salaries are impacted by a host of variables including: size of the company offering the job, its geographic location, your unique experience, and more.

Private and Corporate Accounting Salaries For 2019

Private and corporate accountants typically work for the organization to which they provide services in an in-house accounting department. In some cases, they may be independent, providing services directly to businesses and corporations.

Private median accounting salary expectations for 2019:

  • Entry-level: $45,000
  • Junior-level: $60,000
  • Senior-level: $75,000
  • Management: $90,000
  • Assistant Treasurer: $92,000
  • Tax Manager: $104,000
  • Assistant Controller: $105,000
  • Controller: $115,000
  • Tax Director: $135,000
  • Director of Financial Reporting: $135,000
  • Director of Accounting: $140,000
  • Director of Finance: $145,000
  • Corporate Controller: $170,000
  • VP, Finance: $180,000
  • Treasurer: $185,000
  • CFO: $192,000

Financial Services Salaries For 2019

Professionals with accounting backgrounds often find opportunities in banks, asset management firms, lending companies and hedge funds. These organizations need accountants, controllers, auditors, analysts, risk experts and compliance personnel.

Here are the median anticipated salaries for accounting professionals in financial services for next year:

  • Entry-level accountant: $60,000
  • Junior-level accountant: $70,000
  • Senior-level accountant: $80,000
  • Controller: $125,000
  • CFO: $200,000
  • Analyst: $70,000
  • Credit risk analyst: $80,000
  • Market risk analyst: $85,000
  • Business development officer: $112,000
  • Market risk management: $115,000
  • VP: $150,000
  • CRO: $173,000
  • Managing Director/Partner: $200,000

Public Accounting Salaries For 2019

Public accountants work for accounting firms that provide services to individuals, businesses, corporations or government bodies. They handle everything from financial statements to tax returns to financial consulting.

Typical US median salaries are as follows, bonuses are traditionally paid out and based of billable hours to clients and are not included below:

  • Entry-level: $46,000
  • Junior-level: $57,000
  • Senior-level: $70,000
  • Management: $102,000
  • Senior Management or Director: $132,000.

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