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Job Seekers

Average $80,428 / YEAR

Average $21 / HOUR

Average $69,100 / YEAR

Average Wide Range

Average $259,582 / YEAR

Average $48,753 / YEAR

Average $87,357 / YEAR


The Process

CSS places candidates in six different areas for contract +, contract, to hire, + direct hire.


Applying is simple. Recruiters are available to assist you and keep transparency during the application process.


A strong culture match includes a high level of trust and an easy relationship.


“I was a stranger to the workings of a staffing agency because I have been consistently employed, long term. Last year I took a leap of faith and decided to try a new career field—not an easy undertaking at my age. So, it was a very pleasant surprise to find such an enjoyable person on the other end of the phone helping me. My CSS Recruiter was not only extremely prompt at answering all questions, but very thorough in the follow-through. I never felt like she didn’t have my best interests at heart and she always reinforced that a good fit was as important for me as the hiring employer. She was an exemplary professional and never seemed frustrated by the simplest of questions.”

“I remember being conflicted between several offers, but my CSS Sr. Recruiter was very helpful in negotiating and helping me make up my mind. It turned out to be a great decision for me.”

“I’m glad to hear we are easy to work with- to be honest we haven’t had great success with getting candidates and quick follow up time from agencies so it is amazing working with you too!! Glad we found each other ha-ha! Plus we ALL commented in the office how impressed we were at the quality of candidates that were sent over. We really felt like all three could be perfect for the position and we have never had that before!”

“My Recruiter’s positive energy and professionalism has encouraged me to contact her months later to discuss possible opportunities. She was able to find me a position which will allow me to work from home which is great since I’m going to be a father in September. She was not only on top of every step of the process, she also made sure to fill me in even when we didn’t hear back from the company for a few days. I would recommend CSS to anyone seeking employment in their areas of specialty.”

“My experience with Contemporary Staffing has been excellent so far. I met with a recruiter, and she was not only extremely helpful, she understood exactly where I was coming from, and worked to ensure that we were on the same page in regards to what I was looking for. Having worked with different agencies in the past, I was pleased that she was open to my input and didn’t just attempt to use me to fill a vacant position. Your receptionist was also very pleasant and accommodating which is great considering how nerve wracking interviewing can be.”